Monday, January 28, 2008

New Consulting Business/Legal Defense Fundraiser

The BP has been mired in a string of legal cases that have been brought against him by former employees so he has not had time to devote to blogging. But like Conscientious Camera Club and Rob Haggart, he can spot an opportunity to make a killing when he sees one.

The Bitter Photographer feels like an idiot for missing this. He has spent the last two decades wasting time trying to get people to pay him take pictures. Why spend your time trying to get Art Buyers and photo editors to hire you when you can make a living off a group of people who:

-are desperate and driven by fear

-think that any problem can be solved by throwing money at it and the more money you throw at a problem the better

The answer of course is other photographers. The BP will follow in the footsteps of other such luminaries as: Seth Resnick, Douglas Kirkland, Michael Grecco and Greg Gorman.

For an nominal fee ($650/hour -the same as BP's lawyer charges) clients will cover such topics as;

-How to take a lens cap off properly

-The Web: A Flash in the Pan -Don't waste your time.

-How much to bribe an Art Buyer to hire you

-The best way to hide jobs from your rep so you don't have to pay a commission

-How to answer the phone so it sounds like you have a giant studio and don't in fact live with your mother in law