Sunday, September 30, 2007

Why Anonymous?

Bitter photographer felt like he needed a forum to vent about the photo industry. He is anonymous in order to be able to tell the truth about what he sees without being viewed as a bigger a-hole than he already is.


Olivier Laude said...

Hey Bitter Photographer. Do what I do, use your full name and have at it. You can tell the truth without remaining anonymous. And no, I do not have a trust fund, just a compulsion. Nevertheless, keep bitching, I love it, with every other disingenuous cretin out there tumbling over each other to sound earnest, thoughtful and insightful. And pass the smelling salts please.

m said...

I welcome the cynicism, anonymous or otherwise. Someone's got to say what they really feel and what others are thinking... Bring it on.

Griffin said...

first time i have visited your site and i am cracking up. come visit us anytime and leave us some words of wisdom. i will be back often and keep up the funny tales. said...

Why Anonymous?
It is because today we have a form of communication that is easily accessible to all, including cowards.
I think your an ass, but that's my opinion, others love you, that's their opinion.
If you have so much conviction in your words, why do you hide?
Stand up and be accountable for what you say and say you believe in, if you don't, really, your just another scared, negative person hiding in the faceless shadows of the internet.
Why anonymous?
Because fundamentally you are a coward.,

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