Sunday, September 30, 2007

Kathy Ryan

Don't you think she needs to give other magazines a chance? Does she have to kick everyone's ass every week. Can't she take a week off? Geeeesh.

Platon, Dan Winters, Nigel Perry, Jeff Reidel. Its like murders row. Not to
mention all the photographers she has "discovered" Taryn Simon, Katy Grannan, Gregory Crewsdon.

Alec Soth's Blog: Where fawning sycophants reign

I am a huge fan of Soth's work but do not understand why his blog gets so much attention . Am I the only one tired of reading all his fans chiming in on what a genius he is and how he feeds into it.
And while we are on the Soth rant what is up with photographing his own schlong in the Niagara book?
Do we will really need to see his gear in order for him to have cred as an artist?

Yes the Bitter Photographer is just jealous of Soth's popularity but that doesn't mean he is wrong.

Geof Kern

Without Kern there would be no Hugh Kretchmer, Eric Tucker or Fredrik Broden.

I read an interview with him once and he said had no influences. None. The jesus christ of photography born without a belly button.

You got to love that. He puts his "equipment" on the table and says here I am.

Why Anonymous?

Bitter photographer felt like he needed a forum to vent about the photo industry. He is anonymous in order to be able to tell the truth about what he sees without being viewed as a bigger a-hole than he already is.