Monday, October 15, 2007

Thumbs Up to Chase Jarvis!

Photo by Chase Jarvis

The Bitter Photographer would like to give a shout out to fellow blogger and photographer rights champion: Chase Jarvis.

While it is true Chase is twice the man BP will ever be.( With a name like Chase it is a given and you can see how yummy Chase is by reviewing the dozen or so videos featuring CJ in helicopters, cars, trains, bikes, ATVs, camels, yurts etc on his blog) The Bitter Photographer is afraid of heights and soiled himself last time he went on a ride on Coney Island.

The Bitter Photographer really appreciates how Chase has embraced Royalty Free pricing on Getty. Who do these photographers think they are charging $49/image? If Happy Sally hadn't landed that monster deal in Malaysia the BP would join Chase by licensing hundreds of RF images through Getty. Chase gets it and the BP gets Chase.


Anonymous said...

Chase is the new Michael Grecco of promotion

Anonymous said...

its an important milestone in ones career to be known more as a photographer, versus the actual photographs you make.

thanks getty, thanks for making that such an attractive deal, way to help the photography world and the very future of your own company.

i was thinking $19.95 infomercials would be the next step, but way to think outside the box.

Chase Jarvis said...

BP rules!

Better yet, I should say, "The Chase loves the BP" (emphasis on third person).

Michael Grecco? Ouch. I quit.

Terry Richardson said...

Thanks Chase! You're doing us all a favor. Since you've been around I never get to coordinate overblown productions and come up with crappy images. Now you can concentrate all your talents on making pompous speeches for Photoshelter with your DJ(!) in tow.
Go Ninjas!!

Yoda said...

“Blind we are, if creation of this clone army we could not see.”

Anonymous said...

Chase Rocks! Man this guy is a photo genius. Right up there with Kevin "Lens Baby" Asuka Book, Seth Resnick, Jeff Schewe, Kevin Abel and all the other leaders in our industry that are showing the way forward into the great photographic future.

Way to go BP for showing us the light!

Anonymous said...

If my name was "Chase Jarvis" i'd either change it or kill myself.

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