Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Cooz and The Perv

Please correct the Bitter Photographer if he is wrong. All his information comes third hand from the internet.

Jock Sturges made images of naked people (some prepubescent girls) on a beach in France.

Mona Kuhn assisted him.

Later, Mona made pictures of nude people on a beach in France BUT USED A DIFFERENT CAMERA.

Is the BP the only one who thinks this is whacked?

What if Atget had an assistant who shot Paris at dawn but used a 4x5 instead of 8x10?

As an aside the BP will not be asking JS to babysit his nieces any time soon.


T. Rusty Fund said...

I remember some of my prep school buds cramming for the SAT and coming across a similar question.

The Cooz is to Perv as Jock is to what?

I never really got the answer. No biggie though, cuz I went to Art Center.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I wondered about that, too, particularly since Mona's popularity pretty much happened overnight. She's a talented photographer and artist (and a good person) to be sure, but it's kinda BS how things work sometimes.

Anonymous said...

didn't Sally Mann work with Emmet Gowen and used the same camera and took look alike photos?


Anonymous said...

Yah, I think the kuhn/sturges and mann/gowin situations are parellels for sure. I do wonder why Bitter Photographer found it necessary to lash out and call Jock a pervert? The dude had his studio raided forever ago by fear and hate mongering folks..maybe much like yourself, Bitter Photographer!

T. Rusty Fund said...

""--The dude had his studio raided forever ago by fear and hate mongering folks..--""

If you want to talk about hate mongering you should really meet my publicist.

I'd gladly trade a raid from the federales if I could get back all the money I've paid my publicist. It would certainly give me plenty of dough to buy some more Blackbook spreads, pay for a lawyer and still have some ducats left over for my next Holga project.

There's no such thing as bad publicity. Even you bitchies are still talking about it fifteen years later.

Bitter Photographer said...

Anonymous says:"I do wonder why Bitter Photographer found it necessary to lash out and call Jock a pervert? "

The BP is deeply sorry if the BP offended Mr Sturges. The BP completely understands. It is not that Jock Sturges is a child pornographer. He is just expressing himself.

Who is the Bitter Photographer to judge what is right and what is wrong? Its all relative. Maybe in France its different. Maybe they have a different word for photographing other people's adolescent children naked. Maybe its like eating snails and watching Jerry Lewis. Maybe we Amercians just don't "get " it.

Anonymous said...

""Maybe we Amercians just don't "get " it.""

Poor Americans. Such victims.

sexy said...