Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Let's Tip Our Hats for a Moment





The Bitter Photographer would like to talk about something serious for a minute. The blog is all fun and good but the nation is at war.

You may ask yourself. What can I do to help the war effort? What can I do to counter the defeatists? Truth be told BP is a bit of a coward. But he knows three brave men who have made the ultimate sacrifice:They worked on ad campaigns.

John Huet and Andy Anderson (an Air Force veteran) shot recruitment campaigns and let's not forget the work done by Walt Denson for Haliburton. Where would we be in Iraq without our contractors? The BP shudders to think about it.

What the Bitter Photographer can not abide is the work of anti Americans like Nina Berman. If we are going to defeat the enemy we can't have photographers like Berman giving the wrong impression about the war.


Anonymous said...

wow. that's one big dig on Nina's work, as I think it humanizes the truth, rather then glosses over the "ideal"

mmdesign said...

Not sure the sarcasm is readily enough apparent for the blog-hopping glitterati but I enjoyed it.

Christian Democrat said...

I'm hoping that's sarcasm. Perhaps the bitter photographer should stick to images and get a writer to chime in with equal talent. If not for mmdesign I was here to write something much to the point of needing to end this farce of a "war on terrorism."

T. Rusty Fund said...

What's wrong with a war little profiteering between friends? At least that's what my Poppy always said. Hey, somebody's got to sell for Halliburton. If they went out of business we'd have to cover their welfare and unemployment.

P.S. It's not about a shooter risking it all either.

Don't forget about the guys on the home-front working too. It's about time the retouchers and gear rental guys got their fair share on this freedom march.

Those photos of the broken soldiers are just too sad anyway. Isn't media suppose to cheer you up and make you happy?

AAO said...

NB is so... I just cannot put into words...

Anonymous said...

BP, You're the man. Thanks for saying what I've been thinking. I'm sending the link back home to Texas. . .

Hemaworstje said...

aah face the facts , face the reality.
dumb soldiers listening to a dumb president.
found any bio chemical weapons yet or just oil and soil?
keep bringing democracy to the world as if the USA knows what that is.
I'll veto that.

CurioCity said...

If you are for supporting our troops, then you will have the courage to look at exactly what they are sacrificing for their country, and in the face of that incredible sacrifice have found beautiful ways to go on LIVING and LOVING. Thanks to Nina.

The Dark Lord said...

Keep up the sass and you're looking at an "invitation" to our little resort in Cuba.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Bitter,
Having worked with Ms. Burman, Mr. Anderson, and Mr. Huet, I'm fairly appalled at either your attempt at humor or your perplexing candor.

At least your moniker is appropriate.

sexy said...




Fair Trade Photographer said...

BP, best thing I have read all day. Quite quite brutal. But honest. It is just sad that it is often wasted on so many people who completely miss the point of what you say.

I get the same problem on my blog!

Keep up the bitter work.